Being a restaurant manager comes with a range of responsibilities that can often become overwhelming and stressful, in New Jersey where good food and good service can make or break a customers dining experience, it is more important than ever to be an effective manager and representative of the restaurant you work in. From health and safety to managing staff and taking care of customers the fact that the manager plays a role across each area of the restaurant shows just how difficult the job can be, there are however steps that can be taken in order to reduce the stresses of the role and ensure every working day runs as smoothly as possible.


Build a rapport with staff

A restaurant is only as good as the staff that works there if your team lacks the skill of working together as a unit then it is likely the role of the manager is much more stressful than it needs to be. A manager is there to not only overlook how the restaurant is run, but they must also ensure staff morale is kept high and the team can work together to a high standard, a team that lacks the teamwork necessary to deliver good service is redundant, so as manager encouraging better teamwork and communication between staff not only ensures the quality of service but reduces the stress of the manager position.



As the manager has the responsibility of monitoring the service that is being delivered to diners it is important you represent the business professionally and attentively, a manager should frequently be checking in with dinners to ensure all of their needs are met. Doing this allows the manager to keep tabs on who is working well but also shows the diner that you are interested in their experience, as well as the fact that the number of complaints will be reduced if you are dealing with issues of your own accord, and I’m sure we can all agree that with reduced complaints the manager role is much less stressful.


Health and Safety

Health and safety is something the manager should take particular care with, as the slightest mistake can have damaging effects on the restaurant’s reputation. As a manager, regular checks should be made in both the dining and kitchen parts of the restaurant to ensure safety and food health guidelines are being adhered to. Something else to look out for that a manager should pay extra attention to is pest control, as a manager, it is your job to ensure your pest control contracts are up to date and the necessary precautions are in place to prevent infestation, permakillexterminating is a trustworthy, family-run pest control company (based in New Jersey) that would provide a manager with peace of mind that the restaurant was safe.



With all the responsibility that comes with the role of restaurant manager, it can be easy to let the stress of work affect your home life, especially because you are working in a customer-based career, one bad customer can be enough to ruin your day. As a manager it is important you avoid taking things to heart and retain a professional attitude at all times, with that being said the stress is often overwhelming. The best way to reduce stress is to take the time out of work to work on yourself and spending some time to relax, it may be easier said than done but having a clear distinction between your work and home life is one of the best ways to reduce the stress that comes with the job.

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