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Why Kitchen Hygiene Affects the Taste of your Food

Whether you’re a professional chef, you’re cooking for your family or whether you just have to cook for yourself, one of the most important things you can do is make sure your kitchen is as clean as possible – and that includes everything in it. While many of us like to think we’re really on top of our kitchen hygiene, it’s only natural for us as humans to have some days where we become a little lazy with our cleaning. But have you ever tried to cook something you usually enjoy, only for it to suddenly have a strange taste? That could be a sign there is something in your preparation that could use a deeper clean. Here are some things that, when in need of a clean, can affect the taste of your food.


You may notice that when your oven needs a clean, your food may take on a bit of a musty taste which isn’t very pleasant. Once that happens you’ll know it’s time to take out the old cleaning gloves. For many people the idea of scrubbing the oven for what feels like hours on end may seem like a daunting task, but if you’re looking to try something a bit different, why not try this baking soda and vinegar method to get your oven clean and your food tasting as good as it should. It may take some elbow grease (pun intended), but trust us, it’ll definitely be worth it in the end.


Another appliance in your kitchen that should get a relatively regular cleaning rota is your microwave. A dirty microwave will definitely have an effect on the taste of your food. Considering the food is cooked through radiation, it makes sense that when the microwave needs a clean, the food will take on a strange taste. The fix, thankfully, is relatively simple. You can read more about microwave deodorizing and decide for yourself the best method for you and your microwave.


Last but not least is your refrigerator. Many of us wouldn’t normally think of regularly cleaning our refrigerator, but when you consider all of the food and items stored in there, over time, it makes sense that there is an increase in bacteria and in turn, smells that can subsequently affect the taste of our food. Cleaning the refrigerator is probably one of the easiest things on this list, however, it will require you to briefly remove your food in order to clean the shelves.

8 Products that will Revolutionise your Kitchen

For many people, the kitchen is their pride and joy. Most people spend a lot of time in their kitchen, whether that’s to cook, eat or just relax and maybe read the newspaper or a book. For this reason, it is important to make the most of your kitchen, how you decorate it, and the products that you buy for it. In particular, those that love to cook may be tempted to splurge a bit of money on some kitchen products that will completely change up the way you cook and revolutionize your kitchen. If products like these are something that interests you then here is a list of 8 of them:

A Glass Toaster

Most people have burnt toast at some point in their lives, even professional chefs are likely to be guilty of this. Whether you’re guilty of regularly serving up blackened toast, or you just like to cook it to a perfect shade of brown; a glass toaster might just be the product for you. Simply pop your slices of bread in and watch it cook!

A Blade Stunner

This is a perfect product for people who regularly cut up fruit or vegetables. It saves the hassle of having to get out and clean your chopping board and set of kitchen knives as this product has both of these in one handy tool. With a mechanism that locks the tool for safe storage, you don’t have to worry about any accidents on the sharp blade.

Springy Spiral Masher

If you spend a lot of time mashing potatoes whilst preparing your dinners, you might be familiar with the wrist ache that comes with it. Not only this but even after all that effort, sometimes there are still a lot of lumps in your mash. With a Springy Spiral Masher, it is not only a lot easier to use thanks to the spring which absorbs the pressure when you mash, but it also reduces the number of lumps, leaving you with smooth mash.

Kangen Water Machine

If you live in an area where your drinking water is less than pleasant and you often spend money splashing out on bottles water, the Kangen water machine might just be the product that will revolutionize your kitchen. This product will filter your water, making it taste delicious as well as filling it with all sorts of vitamins and minerals that will help keep you healthy. So not only will it help you save money in the long run but it will also highly benefit the health of you and your family, making it a product that you should definitely consider investing in.

Folding Digital Kitchen Scale

This folding, digital scale is perfect for people that enjoy baking and often have to dig out their old kitchen scales. Not only does it fold up so that it can be stored away tidily, but it also opens up into a tripod-like structure, which allows you to measure heavier items than a normal scale. This product can also be purchased for a cheap price, so you don’t need to invest a great deal of money into something that will last you a long time.

An ActiFry

An ActiFry is a product that is almost definitely going to revolutionize both your kitchen and the way you cook. It provides an easy and much healthier way to fry your food without the need to get out a frying pan. It can fry almost anything you can think of, such as chili con carne, chips, and even desserts. It is easy to use and doesn’t take a lot of time to cook, producing meals that are delicious and healthier than they would be if cooked with an alternative method.


Airtight Food Storage

This is a simple yet effective product that is definitely worth investing in. Not only does it help you to save money by storing items for longer than they would last outside of the containers, but it also will make your kitchen appear a lot tidier and more organized. This will save you a lot of time when cooking as you no longer will have to dig through the cupboards from that particular spice or ingredient that you’re looking for. Another handy benefit is that you can buy them at almost any store for a very affordable price.


A juicer is a must-have kitchen gadget for every household, as they come in handy for a lot of recipes. Sometimes it takes just a bit too much effort to squeeze lemons or limes for a recipe you’re making, or perhaps when you want some fresh orange juice in the morning. However, with a juicer, you can easily save time and effort by letting this gadget do all the work for you. An added bonus is that it will even juice your vegetables for you when needed!



Kitchen Health: A Guide to Maintaining a Pristine Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home,  the place where all of you prepare all of the meals to feed your family and get the power to get through the day.  You spend a lot of time in your kitchen and because the contents of your kitchen go into your body, you want to make sure that you have a clean preparation space for your own safety. But it’s really easy for the kitchen to get messy, from spills to dust build-up. Some of you may not have the time to deep clean and organize your kitchen constantly, so keeping on top of it while you go is the answer. Here are some handy tips on how to maintain a pristine kitchen.


Get rid of clutter

Clutter can make any room look far messier than it really is, this is especially true for your kitchen area. Having lots of objects filling the counter space can make the room look crowded and unkempt. This can be increasingly noticeable if you have very little surface space to work with, not only will this look bad but it will limit where you will be able to cook and may stress you out. Are there any bits of cooking equipment that you don’t find yourself reaching for anymore? Why not put them away until you have use for them, or better yet donate any equipment that you never use at all to friends or family. Having that free space will really open up your kitchen and make it appear tidier, it will also clear up any space that you may need to do some large scale cooking. If you are someone with a lot of stuff in the way and not many places to put it, you may benefit from looking at other storage options. This doesn’t mean investing in installing new cupboards, but there are plenty of reasonably priced solutions that allow you to hang objects and divide up the space that you do have in your cupboards.


You shouldn’t just worry about clutter on your sides either, clutter within your cupboards and fridge can also make your kitchen appear messier. Have a clear out of food that you have in your cupboard because I’m sure there are dozens of cans that have been sitting in there for years unnoticed. A lot of cupboards also hide a lot of food, so it’ll definitely be worth looking to see what you have in. You may find a lot of stuff that can be donated too, so other people will benefit from your clear out. You should also make sure that your fridge is clean at all times, as this will also promote a cleaner appearance. This means that you shouldn’t have your fridge too stocked as this can hide food that may go off. A common issue that people have is stocking their fridges with bottles of water, this hides a lot of smaller food products and can lead to mold growing in your fridge. If you’re someone that has a problem with using tap water and prefers the use of bottled water, you should consider looking into a Kangen Leveluk water purifier. This means you will be able to purify your water by use and will not need to keep stacks of bottles.


Keep on top of it

The most common thing that people do when it comes to their kitchen has weekly deep cleans. This can be time consuming and annoying, so a lot of people put it off. A better solution is to just keep it clean as you go, this will save you a lot of time in the long run. So instead of saving those crumbs that you dropped until a later date, just clean them up while you’re already there. This is especially true when it comes to your pots and pans. It can be tempting to just leave your plates etc until the end of the day, after all, nobody enjoys doing the washing up. But these will start to add up and make your kitchen look far messier than it really is. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you keep on top of everything that you use and just give them a quick clean after you’ve finished your dish. This will also mean that you have fewer responsibilities before you head to bed.


Kitchen wipes

One of the most dependable tools that you can have in your kitchen is some kitchen wipes. These are far better than your everyday kitchen towels as they have products that help disinfect your surfaces. These are handy for any little spills you may have and are great for giving your sides a quick wipe down. They’re great for the build-up of dust and will keep your kitchen looking great.

5 Tips to Hosting a Fantastic Dinner Party

A dinner party is an ultimate night in. It is a fantastic way to get to know new friends, reconnect with old ones, or simply have a fantastic time with the people you love. Everyone pictures their perfect dinner party, and no two parties are ever the same. But attending a dinner party and hosting a dinner party are two different things. Planning and hosting a dinner party can be a very stressful and difficult process at times, especially if you have never hosted one before. It seems all too easy to just throw some food out and let it go, and occasionally that works, but more often than not it isn’t enough. So how can you organize and host a fantastic dinner party? Below we are going to give you five tips to improve your night.


Before anything you need to decide if your dinner party will be following a theme. Themed nights are a great way to get your guests more involved and active with the party. Themes don’t have to be complex. They can be as simple as picking a country and making that the theme. For example, a Spanish themed night would encourage your guests to dress in Spanish clothes and bring food and drinks related to the country. Or your theme could be more creative. Maybe a James Bond night where everyone dresses up in fancy tux’s, drinks martinis. Picking a theme is a great place to start because it will inform the next steps of planning your party. Keep in mind, when selecting a theme, make it tasteful and respectful! If you are basing your theme on a country try to encourage your guests to avoid anything racist or risque.

The Menu

The menu is important, but not as important as making sure your guests have a good time. But it plays a huge part in that. When constructing your menu look at your theme and try to plan it around that. Picked a country? Select dishes from that region. Is it a costume themed night? Maybe create some smaller dishes that tie into that. Whatever you pick, make sure your food isn’t too heavy but is enough to fill everyone up. You don’t want your guests going hungry due to small portions. Make sure you check all your guest’s dietary requirements before they arrive as well. And allergies too.

Party Games

Keeping your guests entertained is important. And to this end, you will want to plan a few different party games. You might not get through to playing them all, or any if the conversation is flowing well enough, but having a backup of games ready is always useful. Some great games to try are ‘have you ever‘ or ’20 questions.’ Other games you could look at are quizzes or even classic board games such as monopoly or clue. Although these tend to take up a lot more time.


No dinner is complete without drinks! And while guests often bring along a bottle of something to be polite, don’t bank on it! You should have a nice selection of drinks that pair well with both your menu and your theme. You’ll want something to offer your guests when they first arrive before the meal starts. To this end, look at making up some cocktails. You can find a number of great cocktail recipes online. If you have selected a country theme, try to find some cocktails specific to that region and serve them. For your meal, you will want to look at what wine pairs well with the food you are serving. And make sure you grab enough bottles. A good rule of thumb is a bottle and a half per person. They most likely won’t drink that much, but it will ensure you don’t run out.

The Guest List

Perhaps the most important part of the night, who is attending. The guest list is just as important as anything else. If you invite six people who all hate each other then you are in for a bad time. Make sure you are inviting people you know and trust, and who you know will get on with each other in an intimate setting like a dinner party. If you get this right, you are guaranteed a good time.

Top 8 Snacks for Watching the Big Game With

There’s nothing better than having buddies over to watch the big game. But with the pleasure of kicking back and enjoying the game in the comfort of your own home, comes the responsibility of catering to a group of hungry people that are going to be in your home for hours. Even if you’re watching football online alone , it doesn’t feel the same without a tasty snack. Now, there is no one snack that can be labelled the best snack for watching the game with, but here are our top 10 picks.



Who doesn’t love a plate stacked with fries. Fries are one of the cheapest available snack options on the market as you can get a large bag of many servings for under a dollar. The diversity that comes with a good plate of fries is underrated. You can top it with a long line of your favorite sauces or toppings. A sprinkle of cheese always improves a plate of fries, or even chicken and other meats. Either way you will be able to cater fries to meet the tastes of any potential guests.


Nachos are a classic dish when it comes to watching the big game. If you’re watching at any bar or public meeting place you’ll be sure to see someone tucking into a packed dish of good old reliable Nachos. Nachos are extremely reasonably priced to make as the ingredient list is very basic. They’re also fast to make so if you fancy a quick nibble during an ad break, you can throw together a dish in no time. A lot of takeaways also offer trays for delivery, so if you’ve got a lot of people over you can buy some in bulk.

Chicken wings

A favorite for most sports bars, everyone loves some good old wings. You could put a lot of time and care into making some really high standard home made wings, with some delicious marinade and dipping sauce. But if you’re someone who doesn’t really care about stuff like that, there are a lot of inexpensive and easily found frozen alternatives. If you’re out at a bar watching the big game there is likely that there is a sale on for wings, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.


Now, not all food for the game has to be extravagant or typical of what you would expect to eat while watching the game. Sometimes even a nice simple snack can be the most fulfilling. Make up a platter of sandwiches before the big game starts and you’re set. Unlike a lot of cooked food, you won’t need to worry about a sandwich getting cold and soggy. You can also make up quite a varied selection to cater to any tastes, plus its filling so you won’t have to worry about cooking up an additional snack later.


Now not everyone enjoys a savory snack when they’re sitting back to enjoy a game. Sweets are a great option for anyone that likes a little sugar rush to really get them into the mood. Once again this is a snack that offers a lot of variety so you’re bound to put out something that someone enjoys. Sweets have lots of cheap options so you won’t need to worry about breaking the bank.

Fruit selection

This is another choice for all the sweet tooth football fans. Fruit is delicious and is also a great source of nutrients, it means you won’t end the game feeling bloated and tired so it’s certainly one of the better snack options.


Home made or store bought, cookies are always great. Making your own cookies is also a sure way to impress any guests you may have over to watch the game and are extremely easy to make due to their very basic ingredients. Cookies are also very filling, so again you won’t need to fill up on too many.


Popcorn is again another favorite. Popcorn is also probably the cheapest option on the list as a single bag of Popcorn kernels can make a huge quantity of Popcorn. Plus Popcorn is healthier than you may think so you won’t need to feel bad about finishing off a back.

Why WholeFoods Will Help You Increase Your Fitness for Sport

When it comes to taking part in any organised sport, it is important to be physically fit in order to achieve the best results. One of the best ways you can stay fit is by maintaining a healthy and plant filled diet. Not only is healthy eating important, but it is important to eat food that will fill you with energy and keep you going as you take part in the sports, this is where whole foods can be of help.


Whole foods are natural plant based foods that are not processed or refined, meaning they are completely natural. Popular examples of whole foods are everyday things like fruits and vegetables, as well as carbohydrates like rice and oats. Not only are these foods exceptionally good for you, but a lot of them are delicious too. This makes it really easy to incorporate them into your life, making it easier than ever to improve your fitness in sport.


One of the first ways in which whole foods can improve your fitness is by making you less likely to reach for high fat foods. When it comes to eating healthy, you shouldn’t just do it before you are about to do any sports, it should be a part of your daily routine. Replacing your high in fat foods with whole foods can help you cut fat and become more physically agile. You can help introduce these nutritious foods into your diet when you’re off the pitch. For example, if you’re with friends having some down town and enjoying your favourite sport. Introducing some healthy snacks while watching live soccer is really easy to do, as it’s easy to forget that you’re trying to be healthy when you’re having fun. Replace common snacks like crisps and sweets with sweet potato fries and fruit,  this will be a healthy solution and is still tasty.


Whole foods are fantastic to have just before you do any sporting activity. These days many people who do sports prefer to use supplements before they take part. These simply won’t do enough to keep you energised. Whole foods such as apples or even peanut butter snacks are fantastic to have before any sport as they are packed with protein and essential fibre. Unlike supplements, this won’t just give you a quick boost of energy. Whole foods will gradually provide your body with glucose, so that you can keep going and not crash mid sporting event. Not only this, but you can eat a lot of delicious whole foods without getting too full. This means you can pig out a bit before a game and still be able to comfortably play without feeling too full or bloated. If you want to snack out before a game, we recommend foods like nuts that are packed with protein.


Unlike a lot of other diets, whole foods cover all of the food groups. This means that your body is getting all of the nutrients it needs. A lot of other diets can be extremely limiting and mean you are not getting the valuable nutrients that you need. Whole foods cover all the basics from meat to carbohydrates. This can be very beneficial to your fitness as it means that you are not undernourished, which means you can build muscle and stay active for longer. It also just makes it an easier diet to follow as you don’t really need to change what food you eat, you just need to make sure it has no preservatives. For example, choosing to eat fresh chicken over frozen battered chicken.


This diet is simply healthier, while also providing a vast amount of nutrients and energy.

How Many Calories Should You Eat Per Day for Weight Loss

Whether it’s for summer or just a life choice losing we all have times when we feel like we need to lose a few pounds. There are many fad and popular diets out there, like Keto, Paleo, liquid spiders and many others. To avoid the complications of rules and restrictions many people jump on the calorie. Punting method, the main rule? Just count your calories.

Now onto the math, to count calories you have to know your limit, it is recommended that the average person should eat around 2000 calories a day, though this is dependent on what you eat as well as the amount of calories. Some websites recommend that you eat 1500 calories day to ensure weight loss.

How it works. The idea is that you lose more calories than you put in, this is called a calorie deficit, if you stay in a calorie deficit than you will more than likely lose weight, it is why people of a bigger stature naturally lose more weight quicker.

Obviously a good way to stay in that deficit is exercise, a really good and almost underrated exercise is Yoga which can help you more in your weight loss journey.

If you’re looking at fat loss, high fat foods without sugar is the way to go. Sugar retains fat, whereas when you are in a sugar deficit, fat then is burned for energy increasing your fat loss. So to take away from this is;


  • Stay in a calorie deficit.
  • Reduce your sugar not your fat intake.
  • Try not to follow fad diets they do nothing and you bounce back into bad habits.
  • Stay healthy and enjoy results.

Grass Fed Farm Beef vs Corn Fed Mass Produced Beef

Like the name would suggest the key difference between the two is how they are fed, with the typical question being that of ethics. A cow on a natural diet of grass is more likely to be living an organic lifestyle living off the farmland, an overall more natural life. Especially when compared to corn fed cows, who live in cramped quarters where the profit line is key, the cows are shown to live a far more stressful life when corn fed. It is quite a hard stance to take as everyone’s moral compass does differ, grass fed cows are shown to be happier, but they do take up more environmental space and cause more environmental damage, both do face the same fate of death, so if you really want to make a difference go vegetarian.

It has been shown that grass fed beef is better for you than corn fed beef. As a study by The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed grass-fed beef had significantly more omega 3 fatty acids and a higher anti-oxidant content while also being leaner, and therefore healthier than grain-fed beef.

What the majority of people really care about is the difference in taste. The diet of a grass-fed cow is obviously a lot less micro managed so there is far more variety in their diet meaning more variety in the flavour of the beef and is also typically a lot more lean and less fatty.

Corn fed cows all face the same diet so there is less variety in the flavour, but there is a consistency in its fat and texture, as every corn-fed cow will taste extremely similar there is less risk involved, you know what you are going to get. This is all subjective, and most people do carry their own preference.

If you look at the facts above, I would say if you are looking for health benefits then go for grass fed beef. If you are looking at this from an ethical stand point, I do not think there is a clear winner as both cause mass eco damage. Finally, from a taste stand point I would recommend trying both and just choosing a preference. It is important to remember that grass fed beef is typically more expensive so do try think with the facts above if it is truly worth it.

The Secret to Delicious Popcorn

You do not want to cheat anymore and buy the microwavable stuff, you want the natural excitement of making your own popcorn. Though the task of making popcorn can seem impossible, wanting enough kernels to pop but to not burn too many at the same time it is not an easy task, but once you learn the little secrets everything will begin to add up.

So obviously for your popcorn you are going to need oil this is where my first trick comes, when choosing your oil go for coconut every time, honestly from personal experience it will provide your popcorn with a separate type of tang that normal oil simply can not provide. Now when using this coconut oil you are going to encounter the problem I mentioned earlier, oil heat burning your kernels or not popping enough, so I would simply put in a few kernels into the oil to see how they react then decide whether you need to turn up or turn down your oil. The more unanimous the pops the better.

A secret tip is once the popcorn pops reach a point of four seconds a pop then you know you have got the perfect cooking time. Once removed from the pan it all about the flavouring on top of your coconut oil. It is essential you use sea salt as it will allow for a greater burst of flavour than simple table salt, and with butter I would highly recommend grass fed butter, which compliments your coconut oil perfectly. Not only does this allow for a cleaner and more ethical butter but the taste is so much creamier and simply delicious than your plain salted or unsalted butter.

So these are the essential secrets to cooking the perfect popcorn, coconut oil, unanimous pops and the right ingredients especially the coconut oil.

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