I think it is safe to say how much people really enjoy deep-fried meals, although it is not the healthiest of cooking methods out there every dish on this list can be cooked in an alternative way for someone who is looking to eat well whilst retaining a balanced diet. If you are looking for a healthier way to cook one of these dishes then you may wish to invest in an air fryer that requires less oil but is still a very tasty method of cooking. There are many people who are not aware of the difference between air fryers and convection ovens, with air fryers normally requiring a tablespoon of oil to cook your food at high temperatures and emulate the flavor of standard frying.


Fish and Chips

Fish and chips is a takeaway classic that usually requires a deep fryer in order to get a crispy finish on both the battered fish and chips. This dish is usually overestimated in terms of difficulty and is in fact very easy to make, simply whip up a batter using eggs milk, and flour and submerge the seasoned fish fillets in the batter until properly covered. Once your oil is at a high enough temperature you should cook the fish for around fifteen minutes until the fish is white and flaky in texture. For the chips simply chop and peel the potatoes into the desired shape and fry until cooked through, serve your meal with your favorite chip shop sides.



Churros are a Mexican dessert dish similar to a donut, all this dish requires is for you to make a simple churro batter and pipe the mixture into the hot oil in the shape of a line. Churros are classically very crisp on the outside with a soft and fluffy center. This dessert would be great with a chocolate dipping sauce and a sprinkle of sugar mixed with cinnamon for extra flavor



This classic Indian dish is another great snack that can be prepared using a deep fat fryer, the great thing about samosas is that you can customize what you use for the pastry and the filling to create a truly unique meal. For the pastry, I find that either rolled out pieces of bread or filo pastry work the best if you are unable to get your hands on a proper samosa pastry. Take a tablespoon of your filling and fold the pastry around it in a triangle shape, fry until golden brown, and enjoy.


Breaded Chicken

Everyone loves chicken nuggets no matter how old you are, however, there is often some worry in regards to what is actually put into the shop-bought options. Worry no more as making your own chicken goujons is actually very easy. Chicken breast works best here and once you have cut it into small pieces and seasoned it you are going to want to coat the chicken in egg. After the chicken is covered in the egg dip into breadcrumbs and fry until cooked through.


Halloumi Fries

There has definitely been a huge increase in popularity when it comes to halloumi, with many restaurants now offering this delicious cheese on their menu. Now you can get this meal at home very easily without breaking the bank at the restaurants, simply chop your halloumi into thin strips, coat in your favorite seasoning, and deep fry for just a few minutes until the halloumi is crisp and golden. Halloumi fries are a great side dish or party food with tonnes of flavor for you to enjoy.

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