In the modern era of convenience foods and ready meals, it can be hard to find the time to prepare fresh foods for you and your families. As most people are preoccupied with work and their busy lifestyles the sale of convenience freezer meals are at an all-time high, however, in terms of health and nutrition you should really be limiting how often you cook processed meals and should be looking at implementing more fresh ingredients into your weekly food intake. Fresh ingredients are not only healthier, but they also taste much better than their conserved counterparts so it makes sense to do your best to source fresh ingredients to make delicious home-cooked meals.



It is a common fact that fresh food is healthier for you, unlike preserved goods that have been artificially altered, fresh food remains in its natural state which is packed with many vitamins and minerals to promote the body’s health. Convenience and freezer food has been designed to be a quick meal that can be kept in storage for a significant period of time, because of this you will find they have much higher levels of preservatives and salt, these high levels of artificial chemicals are not good for the body in high amounts, so it is vital you try and reduce how many meals like this you consume. As fresh ingredients haven’t been altered, they are much better for your body, and you should be aiming to eat at least five different fresh fruits and vegetables each day in contribution to a healthy lifestyle.


Support Small Businesses

Another reason why you should be buying fresh foods rather than mass-made preserved goods is that there has been an influx in the number of small farmers market-style businesses, all stocking a range of fresh goods. By showing support to small businesses like this you are ensuring they are not only successful but also allowing them to continue to provide the public with high-quality fresh ingredients. The issue with going to the farmers market to source high-quality ingredients is that you may not always be able to find the time, you will be glad to know that many small fresh food retailers are now offering home delivery services, take Dizon Farms delivery for example, who is just one of many small businesses offering fresh food delivered straight to your door. With home delivery being so readily available, you really have no excuse to not indulge in some fresh ingredients, so that you can cook a meal that is not only healthy but has helped small businesses to grow.


There is much discussion around whether or not using fresh ingredients within your cooking has an effect on the taste, many say that preserved ingredients are no different to the fresher alternatives but, others argue there is no comp[arison between using fresh produce as opposed to convenience goods. Convenience foods exist to help make cooking easier and quicker by cutting out preparation processes and offering easy cooking methods. However, what many don’t know is that in order to make the food last longer preservatives that are full of salt and unhealthy additives are added to fresh produce. Fresh ingredients are those that remain unaltered, and because no extras have been added using fresh produce allows you to taste the authentic flavors rather than the additional extras. Processes like preserving and freezing food also have an effect on the flavor, with food tasting a lot blander after it has been frozen due to the increase in water content. Overall, there is no comparison between a fresh ingredient and one that has been unnaturally altered.

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