When it comes to taking part in any organised sport, it is important to be physically fit in order to achieve the best results. One of the best ways you can stay fit is by maintaining a healthy and plant filled diet. Not only is healthy eating important, but it is important to eat food that will fill you with energy and keep you going as you take part in the sports, this is where whole foods can be of help.


Whole foods are natural plant based foods that are not processed or refined, meaning they are completely natural. Popular examples of whole foods are everyday things like fruits and vegetables, as well as carbohydrates like rice and oats. Not only are these foods exceptionally good for you, but a lot of them are delicious too. This makes it really easy to incorporate them into your life, making it easier than ever to improve your fitness in sport.


One of the first ways in which whole foods can improve your fitness is by making you less likely to reach for high fat foods. When it comes to eating healthy, you shouldn’t just do it before you are about to do any sports, it should be a part of your daily routine. Replacing your high in fat foods with whole foods can help you cut fat and become more physically agile. You can help introduce these nutritious foods into your diet when you’re off the pitch. For example, if you’re with friends having some down town and enjoying your favourite sport. Introducing some healthy snacks while watching live soccer is really easy to do, as it’s easy to forget that you’re trying to be healthy when you’re having fun. Replace common snacks like crisps and sweets with sweet potato fries and fruit,  this will be a healthy solution and is still tasty.


Whole foods are fantastic to have just before you do any sporting activity. These days many people who do sports prefer to use supplements before they take part. These simply won’t do enough to keep you energised. Whole foods such as apples or even peanut butter snacks are fantastic to have before any sport as they are packed with protein and essential fibre. Unlike supplements, this won’t just give you a quick boost of energy. Whole foods will gradually provide your body with glucose, so that you can keep going and not crash mid sporting event. Not only this, but you can eat a lot of delicious whole foods without getting too full. This means you can pig out a bit before a game and still be able to comfortably play without feeling too full or bloated. If you want to snack out before a game, we recommend foods like nuts that are packed with protein.


Unlike a lot of other diets, whole foods cover all of the food groups. This means that your body is getting all of the nutrients it needs. A lot of other diets can be extremely limiting and mean you are not getting the valuable nutrients that you need. Whole foods cover all the basics from meat to carbohydrates. This can be very beneficial to your fitness as it means that you are not undernourished, which means you can build muscle and stay active for longer. It also just makes it an easier diet to follow as you don’t really need to change what food you eat, you just need to make sure it has no preservatives. For example, choosing to eat fresh chicken over frozen battered chicken.


This diet is simply healthier, while also providing a vast amount of nutrients and energy.

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