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Why Kitchen Hygiene Affects the Taste of your Food

Whether you’re a professional chef, you’re cooking for your family or whether you just have to cook for yourself, one of the most important things you can do is make sure your kitchen is as clean as possible – and that includes everything in it. While many of us like to think we’re really on top of our kitchen hygiene, it’s only natural for us as humans to have some days where we become a little lazy with our cleaning. But have you ever tried to cook something you usually enjoy, only for it to suddenly have a strange taste? That could be a sign there is something in your preparation that could use a deeper clean. Here are some things that, when in need of a clean, can affect the taste of your food.


You may notice that when your oven needs a clean, your food may take on a bit of a musty taste which isn’t very pleasant. Once that happens you’ll know it’s time to take out the old cleaning gloves. For many people the idea of scrubbing the oven for what feels like hours on end may seem like a daunting task, but if you’re looking to try something a bit different, why not try this baking soda and vinegar method to get your oven clean and your food tasting as good as it should. It may take some elbow grease (pun intended), but trust us, it’ll definitely be worth it in the end.


Another appliance in your kitchen that should get a relatively regular cleaning rota is your microwave. A dirty microwave will definitely have an effect on the taste of your food. Considering the food is cooked through radiation, it makes sense that when the microwave needs a clean, the food will take on a strange taste. The fix, thankfully, is relatively simple. You can read more about microwave deodorizing and decide for yourself the best method for you and your microwave.


Last but not least is your refrigerator. Many of us wouldn’t normally think of regularly cleaning our refrigerator, but when you consider all of the food and items stored in there, over time, it makes sense that there is an increase in bacteria and in turn, smells that can subsequently affect the taste of our food. Cleaning the refrigerator is probably one of the easiest things on this list, however, it will require you to briefly remove your food in order to clean the shelves.

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