When it comes to Asian cuisine, there is an ongoing debate on which country offers the best cuisine. Both Vietnamese and Japanese dishes share a lot of similarities, but also distinguishable differences that make them stand out on their own feet.


Vietnam is known for its incredible street food. With ready to eat egg noodles and meat dishes, there is a delicious dish that will cater to any tastes. Though Vietnam is known for its reasonably priced street food, it also has some finer cuisine on offer. One of the most popular traditional fish dishes is Anh vu fish. This fish dish is believed to have healing properties along with a delicious taste, making it a fond favourite among locals. However, you would have to win the vietnamese xsmn lottery if you wanted to eat it regularly as they’re extremely expensive.


Japanese food is more commercially enjoyed around the world due to its simple production. Arguably one of the most popular Japanese dishes is sushi. Sushi is so popular due to its versatility, as you can use several varieties of fish or no fish at all for filling.  Unlike a lot of Asian food, sushi is easily accessed at local supermarkets.


A good way to compare which country makes the best food is by looking at dishes that share similarities. Both countries are known for their delicious noodle dishes.  Vietnam prefers to match noodles with a broth, which feels extremely homely and will certainly warm your stomachs. This is usually referred to as Pho and can be bought from several takeaways. Japanese noodles are usually paired with some thicker dry ingredients, like boiled egg and meat. This makes it a more filling alternative to Pho, but also slightly pricier depending on where you purchase it from.

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