There’s nothing better than having buddies over to watch the big game. But with the pleasure of kicking back and enjoying the game in the comfort of your own home, comes the responsibility of catering to a group of hungry people that are going to be in your home for hours. Even if you’re watching football online alone , it doesn’t feel the same without a tasty snack. Now, there is no one snack that can be labelled the best snack for watching the game with, but here are our top 10 picks.



Who doesn’t love a plate stacked with fries. Fries are one of the cheapest available snack options on the market as you can get a large bag of many servings for under a dollar. The diversity that comes with a good plate of fries is underrated. You can top it with a long line of your favorite sauces or toppings. A sprinkle of cheese always improves a plate of fries, or even chicken and other meats. Either way you will be able to cater fries to meet the tastes of any potential guests.


Nachos are a classic dish when it comes to watching the big game. If you’re watching at any bar or public meeting place you’ll be sure to see someone tucking into a packed dish of good old reliable Nachos. Nachos are extremely reasonably priced to make as the ingredient list is very basic. They’re also fast to make so if you fancy a quick nibble during an ad break, you can throw together a dish in no time. A lot of takeaways also offer trays for delivery, so if you’ve got a lot of people over you can buy some in bulk.

Chicken wings

A favorite for most sports bars, everyone loves some good old wings. You could put a lot of time and care into making some really high standard home made wings, with some delicious marinade and dipping sauce. But if you’re someone who doesn’t really care about stuff like that, there are a lot of inexpensive and easily found frozen alternatives. If you’re out at a bar watching the big game there is likely that there is a sale on for wings, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.


Now, not all food for the game has to be extravagant or typical of what you would expect to eat while watching the game. Sometimes even a nice simple snack can be the most fulfilling. Make up a platter of sandwiches before the big game starts and you’re set. Unlike a lot of cooked food, you won’t need to worry about a sandwich getting cold and soggy. You can also make up quite a varied selection to cater to any tastes, plus its filling so you won’t have to worry about cooking up an additional snack later.


Now not everyone enjoys a savory snack when they’re sitting back to enjoy a game. Sweets are a great option for anyone that likes a little sugar rush to really get them into the mood. Once again this is a snack that offers a lot of variety so you’re bound to put out something that someone enjoys. Sweets have lots of cheap options so you won’t need to worry about breaking the bank.

Fruit selection

This is another choice for all the sweet tooth football fans. Fruit is delicious and is also a great source of nutrients, it means you won’t end the game feeling bloated and tired so it’s certainly one of the better snack options.


Home made or store bought, cookies are always great. Making your own cookies is also a sure way to impress any guests you may have over to watch the game and are extremely easy to make due to their very basic ingredients. Cookies are also very filling, so again you won’t need to fill up on too many.


Popcorn is again another favorite. Popcorn is also probably the cheapest option on the list as a single bag of Popcorn kernels can make a huge quantity of Popcorn. Plus Popcorn is healthier than you may think so you won’t need to feel bad about finishing off a back.

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