Due to reasons such as cost or space issues, it is very common to be unable to house an oven within your home. For some people, cooking may seem like an impossible task when this is the case, however, there are in fact many ways that you can cook food without needing an oven at all.


George Foreman

George Foremans are available at many locations and are a cost-effective and easy way to cook food at home. George foremen can be used for a number of cooking techniques, such as grilling and frying, so are extremely useful tools to have in your kitchen. They take up very little space and can be stored away when not in use, which is what makes them so popular.



Though a lot of people believe that you shouldn’t use microwaves for every meal, there is no denying that microwaves are extremely useful. They can make just about every meal and at extremely impressive speeds, so you should definitely look into purchasing one.



If you are someone who is lucky enough to have an outdoor space, then BBQs could be a good option for you. You could always buy a low-cost electric BBQ, which would be perfect for cooking meats and other foods that are often cooked in your oven. Food cooked with BBQs also has an amazing taste, so what’s not to love?


Ceramic titanium pan

If you are someone that doesn’t have an oven but is lucky enough to have access to hobs then you should definitely invest in a quality pan. A pan can cook just about every meal and also gives you a chance to add flavor as you cook, which makes it great when making delicious meals. Many people ask ‘is it safe to cook with ceramic titanium?’, and the answer is of course, as they are made with non-reactive metals that make cooking a much faster process.

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