People across the globe are always looking out for the next big competition. Whether it be running amazing raffles or the local cake store running a giveaway. The prospect of winning a prize is always a solid draw. In the increasingly digital age, lots of companies are going back to the routes of good old-fashioned competition. And Pizza Express is getting in on the action with an exciting competition with a stellar prize. People everywhere are going nuts for the chance of winning the 50K prize Pizza Express has put on offer. But how is pizza express handling this competition? And how can you or someone you know be in for the chance of claiming the fantastic prize?

The Golden Dough

Pizza Express has been known for their doughballs for years now. A fan favorite and a must-have for anyone eating in at their restaurants. A while back, Pizza Express took the dive into selling their products in stores so people could get the taste of Pizza Express anytime. And they started offering delivery services as well to really draw in the customers. And to reward their loyal fans across the country they have decided to give something back. Perhaps taking a page out of a classic child’s story, Pizza Express is hiding a golden dough ball either in one of their in-store dough ball packets or within their delivery service orders. The lucky person who finds this golden prize will be entitled to claim a 50K prize. Of course, there are some terms and conditions attached and a time limit to claim the prize but whoever finds the ball will not be resting on their laurels and will be sure to claim the prize almost immediately.

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