Almost everyone has been on a diet at some point in their life, or if not a diet then at least a health kick to try and lose weight. It’s not easy to completely switch up your diet and eat healthily as a lot of low-fat recipes don’t always taste the best. If you are seriously planning on changing what you eat, then your best option is to plan out a number of low-fat meals for the week and allow yourself a cheat day. It also helps if you can find, and stick to, low-fat meals that you enjoy, which is why this list might be helpful to find some tasty and healthy meals.


Prawn, fennel & rocket risotto

This meal is not only healthy and delicious but also is quite easy to make, which is perfect for someone who does not have a lot of experience in the kitchen. The perfect meal for dinner parties, this meal can be ready to serve in just 50 minutes, meaning you won’t have to spend too much time preparing it.


Chicken with lemon & courgette couscous

This is another recipe that you should look into if you want a low-fat yet delicious meal. Not only is it healthy and quick to make, but it is also a very easy and simple recipe. Meals like this, paired with certain fat loss programs, can really make a difference to your appearance and weight. If you’re struggling to find a weight loss program that’s good for you then read this review of the flat belly fix to find out more about one that works.


Leek, potato & bacon bake

Eating healthily doesn’t always mean that you have to cut out your favorite food. Low-fat foods can include carbohydrates and bacon if you cut down on the butter in the potatoes and cut the fat off the bacon then this can be a healthy yet delicious meal that is also a perfect dinner party meal.


Prawn sweet chili noodle salad

This is a delicious salad with a bit of a twist. The dressing adds great flavor and the meal will leave you feeling full and healthy after eating. It does not require a lot of work so again you do not have to be a great cook to prepare and make this meal.


Vegetarian Pie

This low-calorie and meat-free pie is an easy meal to make for your family or friends. It’s made with filo pastry, lentils, and sweet roasted vegetables and is best served with salad or steamed vegetables, however, this meal is healthy enough that you can have it with something a little unhealthier, like homemade chips.


One-pot sausage and squash roast

This delicious meal is not only easy and cheap to make but also comes in at under 500 calories, so you don’t have to feel guilty for eating the sausages. The vegetables will make up your 5-a-day so you know that it is as healthy as you can get, whilst also being something tasty for the whole family to enjoy.

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