Novelty Gifts

Novelty and personalized items are always a great gift, with so many online retailers offering personalization and novelty items you should be able to find a great gift that allows your loved one to stand out. For chefs, you could choose things like funny cooking aprons or personalized cooking equipment. Gifts like these are great because they are not only practical but also show your sentiment. For chefs in particular having something personalized also ensures their equipment does not get mixed up with their colleagues.


Although this gift may seem a bit dull, sometimes the most practical presents are the best, chefs rely upon using utensils within their job on a daily basis so what would be better than buying them a brand new set which they would use every day. You may find that this is the perfect gift particularly if your loved one is struggling for money and may not be inclined to buy themselves what they need to work. Buying a chef a brand new set of utensils is a foolproof gift because even if they are underwhelmed at least you know they are going to use it often as it is something that is required within their occupation.



Similarly to utensils, this gift may seem overly practical but, as any chef will tell you buying professional standard knives is very expensive. This gift would be a great idea as it is again something that would get a lot of use, as well as being needed for work, knives are one of the most regularly replaced kitchen items a chef will use. Due to the fact that knives are used so much during work they require replacement much more regularly than other kitchen tools, knives are expensive so being able to save a chef some money by buying them a professional set is definitely going to make a great gift.


Food Hamper

Another great gift for any chef would have to be a nice food hamper, chefs are always looking to experiment with new, high-quality local produce for their recipes. Food hampers are available from a number of sources so why not check online or any local farmers market in your area. Make sure you find one that has the very best ingredients or even something your loved one may not have used previously. This gift is not only great for the chef in your life but if they manage to create something amazing with the food you have bought then I’m pretty sure you will have the opportunity to try it. If you are on a budget there is no reason why you can’t put the hamper together yourself which only increases the sentiment further.


Cooking Appliances can be a huge expense in any chef’s life but, as cooking methods only develop further chefs are constantly purchasing expensive professional-grade equipment to keep up with the newest food trends. One of the best gifts you could buy a chef would be one of the latest cooking appliances to come onto the market, this not only helps your chef to work to the very best of their ability but also saves them the stress of having to spend so much money. Obviously this would be a very lavish gift to give to someone but if you are in the position to do so it would make the chef in your life very happy. One of the best things about giving a present like this is that your chef is not only going to want to experiment with new dishes but they are also going to need someone to taste their food, which is where you come in.


Cooking Retreat

It would be a great gift for anyone to pay for a trip away somewhere, but for a chef who is eager to learn and broaden their culinary knowledge, a culinary retreat may be the way to go. Many culinary retreats are available offering local produce and recipes native to the area you visit. Most chefs are always on the lookout to find new places to go and sample different foods so I’m sure a culinary retreat package would be greatly appreciated.

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